The house will be in mess!

No kids, Mummy won’t let you!

Oh Mummy! Don’t worry! Lets your child explore his imagination through painting and arts! You won’t believe how painting and arts can change your kids!


Advantages of Painting and Arts:

1. Tantrum? See no more!

Oopps, we never say that painting can stop the kids’ tantrum! But, we have to understand, one of the reason why kids throwing tantrum is because they don’t know how to deliver their emotions and feeling. Sad or angry, sometimes it is hard to decipher the code! Phew!

Painting does help our apple crumbles to communicate with their emotion. They explore the colours, the shapes they draw, and they even express their feeling on their masterpiece! Painting can play the role of therapy for a child who might be feeling different emotions; whether these feelings are subtle or extreme in nature. In addition to communication, painting can help children feel better about things that they may have bottled up inside. Don’t understand their arts? Ask them nicely. You will be amazed that their scribbling lines can turn into laser beams and horse stables!

Mummies and daddies, if you are in stress, try to do some painting. It might relieve you, and your kids can have fun too!

2. Skills and more skills are developed!

Painting aids children acquire hand-eye coordination, an important skill in their age. This is developed while they learn to paint the parts that they see; making sure their hand movement is at par with their vision.

They also able to develop mobility skills. Their hand muscles are being used, which allows them a scope to develop both mentally and physically.

3. Bonding time!

Do not know what to do during the weekend? The simplest (and cheapest I may say) way to spend time with your kids is painting! Be it colour pencil, water colour or food colouring, unleash the artist within you!

Don’t limit yourself to paper, well, you can paint your old shirts with them using fabric marker or splash the colour on used banner.

Won’t you feel happy if they say, “Mummy, Daddy, you are the best in the world!”

Cherish every moment you can have with your kiddos!

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