Gadgets, We Don’t Want You!

It has become extremely common for parents nowadays to turn to gadgets in order to keep their children entertained. Unfortunately this situation as proven by latest findings had negative impacts towards children’s development.

I remember went to a restaurant one day with my two boys aged 3 and 4 at that time. As I was struggling to keep them seated quietly and behaving well, I noticed a table next to me a family with 2 young children seated quietly. I was at first amazed at how well the kids were behaving in the public open space until I saw their iPads. And what even more shocking was the peaceful look of their parents while they enjoyed their dinner. At that brief moment, I thought which one should I choose? The gadgets that got these kids to behave or no gadget hence the struggle (and embarrassment) in my attempts to keep them calm in a public area?

So as a mother who didn’t believe in gadgets, I have always looked for alternatives. And fortunately enough, I came across —- blocks which I thought was wonderful. They came in brilliant colours and perfect size for my children. Just as soon as I got it home, they came running at me with their excited faces!

Playing with Smart Building Blocks

And suddenly there was a silent moment! A magical moment, if you asked me. While they were busy arranging the blocks and creatively put them together, I noticed how occupied they were with the toy. There was no screams, fights or tears! They were focusing on the block pieces and actually built something with their own hands.

Being boys, Huzaifah and Haziq have always been very amazed with robots and such. These blocks actually let them realizing their favourite things that they saw on tv/cartoon. Along the way they did not just get to be creative but also gained self confidence. They got to tell themselves that they were able to make amazing things and to make their dreams come true.

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I noticed the blocks came with a sheet of manual. But I guess they were the ‘master builder’. They didn’t need manuals to get creative! As for someone with ADHD/Dyslexia like Haziq, this situation was pretty much expected. It was known that kids like Haziq tend to have trouble with sequencing and tracing. Only after few attempts he managed to get one done. It was a much needed practice in order to inprove his sequencing and tracing skills though, hence a useful tool for Haziq.

When the boys had finally done, I saw big smiles and a sense of accomplishment in one each of them. Proudly, they shown me their creative inventions and explained the details of each part of it. And I as a parent, was grateful that I had made the right decision by not resorting to gadgets though it costed my sanity to keep my children contented.

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