Five Reasons Why You Should Allow your Child to Play

Learning through play is fundamental to all areas of children’s development.

  • Play can, and does, take many forms. It changes as the children grow and develop. In the first instance, play enables them to learn about things and objects in their environment, then later through play, they learn about the wider world.

Let the kids explore their world.

  • Play makes it possible for them to learn about themselves

  • Whether play is alone or in a groups, messy, noisy and energetic or quiet, all children benefit from it. Play can be a solitary or social experience, we as a parent can be fully involved or just watch and observe, but whatever form it takes it is of immerse value and fundamental to learning.

Play with friends help kids to communicate very well

  • Discovery play is a very simple approach to helping babies and young children learn. The approach uses natural and household objects presented to babies and children so that they can experiment and discover independently

The kids like to touch and get excited with their surrounding

  • When babies and children learn through play they feel free to experiment, are in control of their own learning, and find ways of managing situations, both real and imaginary.

Exploration allow kids to stimulate their thinking skill

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