Ready to be father and mother? Enjoy the parenthood!

Early childhood is the most wonderful years of growth. The years that we were learning how far the toys could go with different strength, running everywhere we wanted to, picking anything that look attempting on the floor or catching up with the flying butterfly in the playground. The same years and moments that our children are experiencing it today.

It is tiresome to entertain a little munchkin after long hours in the office, the grumpy boss or sometimes the annoying cliques. And now, your children want your attention or occasionally throw a tantrum to get noticed! Where will we get all the energy to accomplish all this things?

All the parents will be amazed when they know these powerful tips. Are you interested to know more? Read to the last alphabet in this article and this world all yours!

Research stated that early childhood defined as the time period from the age two until age of six or seven years. Some say until the age of eight years. Well, this is the phase we face the early parenthood adventures. The screams, cries and demands. What they want, they want it! Lure them to a different thing, but they will still remember it another day. Lie to them today, and someday we have to eat our words back! Who say that parenthood is easy?

During this early childhood period, there are three simultaneous development stages. The physical, cognitive and social-emotional growth. During this physical growth, their brain increases to 90% of its adult weight. No wonders they are cheeky and very creative to get what they desire! Also, children start speaking properly and master their hand to eye coordination. Parents, be careful what you say and do because there are eyes watching and ready to copy you!

Do you wonder why your kids love to ask “WHY?” for almost at everything? Sometimes you cannot answer them. Do they ever asked you “how they get into this world?” or “why the sky is blue?”. The children do not understand the concepts of logic, betrayal, contemplation and etc. They think literally. If you mention the word ‘Alor Gajah’ they might expect to see elephants. Funny as we speak, but cause us headache when they insisted to see an elephant.

The social-emotional growth includes the understanding a sense of ‘self’, relationships with others and sociability. They express feelings, they attach to somethings, and they develop their personality.

Finally, how to entertain the kids that full of energy even though we are drained already? Keep them busy! Channel their excessive energy to something useful. There are many sites that offer ‘DIY’ busy kits for children. The homemade puzzle, the busy board or you can teach them how to do simple origami. Of course, you can make the kits together with your kids when you are not tired. Or you just can make them do the house chores in an entertaining way. They will admire you with their shiny eyes and see you as the superhero that save their fun world! Eventually, through the activities, they are able to learn some science and physics. Their laughter and smiles will surely brighten your day and wipe all your worries. Not as hard as you think right?

Whatever it is, this is the stage where we should build a strong bonding with them, show and say to them how much you love them, spend lots of time with them, make them feel that your presence is important. Soon, they will grow up and prioritise their parents before anything! Why? Because that is how they were raised.

Enjoy the parenthood!

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