Teaching Cause and Effects to Toddlers

Cause and Effects Relationship, the terms might bring our thoughts to Science. As complicated as it sounds, this topic is actually can be explained in a simpler way to kids and toddlers. Do you ever wonder how common is the Cause & Effect relationship to our daily life?

A cause is why an event happens. An effect is an event that happens latter.

Developing cause and effect relationship is essential in early childhood. They learn that every behaviour and action will result in a response. Thus, concurrently children will develop cognition and early communication skills, which is necessary to understand the cause and effect relationship.

Sometimes when we are upset, we tend to babble? when the kids keep throwing their toys everywhere.

When they keep dropping their spoon on the floor, we got bored picking it up and eventually we stop.

Do you ever wonder why they keep doing that?

The kids actually want to see the results of their actions. If they throw their toys with a certain strength, how far it can go.

If they drop the spoon, what sound it will make?

Interesting isn’t it?

So parents, STOP babbling and start to be the BEST PARENTS in the world!

If your kids starts throwing things, catch them using a basket. Or you can put baskets at different distance. At least, it will be easier for you to clean up the mess! They will stop throwing things and eventually learn something.

There are a number of ways to help your child to learn cause and effect:

  • Encourage play with toys that make noise or movement when action is taken.
  • Reinforce object permanence by having them drop a toy and pick it up
  • In the toddler years, help them discover problem solving, by opening and closing a door or flushing the toilet.
  • Communicate and explain to them, “if we doing this, then, this will happen”

There are many examples that close to the reality (and fun too) to help children learn cause and effect.

Have your own ways to teach cause and effect relationship to your children?

Feel free to share with us in the comments below or reach us via info@kidcited.com!


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