Travelling with Children – How to Ride Lrt/Mrt/Monorel with No Hassle

The second phase of MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang line was launched on July 17, 2017 and the response from the commuters were very positive.

Everyone were thrilled to try the latest facility and testing out the efficiency as reported in the media.

Well, it is a good initiative to reduce the carbon foot prints from the drastically vehicles increment on the road.

And, it will be AMAZING lesson for children about their environment too!


Aha! Spending the weekends with family is what we always need. After five days of ‘amazing’ experience, depends how you describe the feeling, family day put will be rewarding. It’s time for us, the parents to get out from the screenful life and the kids, to happily abandon (temporarily) their hectic life of assignments and homework!

You should try to ride the urban rail transit with you children. We promise you, it will be fun and the memory will last forever.

However, as expected, children tend to get cranky after sometimes, especially when they are tired and hungry.

We share with you several tips to survive the rail transit (LRT, MRT, Commuter, Monorel and etc) with your children and make the money you spend super worth it!



Prepare their basic needs

Pack books, sticker books, snacks and drinks.

Keep them occupied all the time will make the forget how to be cranky!


Use Touch N Go or RapidKL Card

It is always fun to let the kids experience the process to purchase tickets. However, for congested station such as KL Sentral, it is advisable to use prepaid card such as Touch N Go to smooth your journey.


Tell them what is around and introduce new things along the way

Hey, look son, we have Twin Towers, the tallest building in Malaysia!

Tell that to your kids and see how excited they are.

You might introduce them the building or attractions along the way. If the route passes your workplace, it would be the nice to tell them:

Hey Ellie, do you see the enormous building by your left? It is my workplace!

And you are teaching them new adjectives too!


Grab the route map

You should grab the map or just download the app “NAVITIME”. It really convenience to show to your kids where they are and teach them how to understand the map.

This also help them to keep busy and less bored!


Educate the kids about good behaviour and reward them for their good deeds.

This is a great way to teach your kids about good deeds. Queuing upon entering the LRT, not littering and spitting, respect elders and prioritise seats to the people who needs.

They will learn a lot in real life rather than theory!

Then, rewards them with candy or HUGS!

Their smiles and and understanding will be meaningful to you!

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