4 Steps to Change Kids Behaviour

Strike the iron while it’s hot

We think we did the best in raising our kids. We give all the things they need. (Or we might think they need the thing). We give our best, send our kids for tuitions, feed them with the healthiest food we could afford and expect them to be the apple of our eyes.

But sometimes, what we plan, do not turn us the favour.

Or sometimes they do things or just their behaviour tend to give us headache.

Where is the fault? Why?

So, we share with you 4 Steps to help the kids to change their behaviour and be a better person!

Strike the irons while it’s hot!

4 Steps to Help the Kids to Change their Behaviour

Start fresh and make a plan
There is just no way to go back in time and undo the parenting choices you have made in the past. Clear the slate and start where you are. Look at your individual situation and think about which disciplinary strategies have worked

Makes the rules clear

Parents often have expectations of their children. For example, they might say, “I want you to be good while we are Aunt Mary’s today.” But what does good mean? This is where it is important to be extremely clear about the rules. You could say, “While we are at Mary’s today here is what I expect. Do not touch anything that is not yours.The point is the rules need to be specific and understandable.

Remind them of the rules

If you are just establishing routines and guidelines for your home, it may take your children a while to get used the new rules. Some of this may be forgetfulness, but if your child is out of control, odds are good that he has gotten used to you making rules and not following through. Keep reminding him of the rules until they are established and he knows what is expected from him.

Follow your own rules

Children are keenly aware of double standards. Of course, there are some things adults can do that children just can’t do, but if you expect your children to use clean language, it’s important that you show them that you are able to do the same. After all, how can you expect them to do something, you can’t do.

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