Choosing the Best Kindergarten

November is coming!

School Holiday is on the way!

But, I am not talking about activities during holidays!

Eheemmm…its finally for your 4 years to start their school phase.

I am sharing with you the struggles and all the whys you should ask yourself before enroll your little sweetheart to kindergaten or nursery.

It is critical and important decision that will affect your life afterwards! Have you reach the stage of ‘Kindergarten Frenzy’?


The selection of institution is very important. The cheapest enrollment fee may not the worst and expensive might not serve the best.

So, if fee is not the main consideration, then WHAT?

Here, I listed down the ASPECTS a parents should considered before you say YES to enroll your kids!

  • Attractive Teachers

A wise teacher makes learning a joy

The connection between child and teacher is more important than any curriculum. Teaching preschoolers is not the same like others. The teachers must have patience and passion. Loving and sincere are compulsory in the decision.

Attractive teachers are not the blinking attire, 1 inch make-up or the high heels they wear,

But attractive teachers know how to interact with your child, know how to handle gently, able to speak about their students strength and weakness and know how to encourage children step up and learn more.

Creative and joyful are bonus criteria. The teachers spirit influence their surrounding. The more happening they are, the more happening your kids will be! Smile and smile and smile. Keep smiling all day long!

Want to know how is the teachers in the kindergartens? Speaks to them! Talks about child development, bring your child along and see how they interact!

Have you watch Taare Zameen Par? I’m not promoting Bollywood movie here, but I am gladly to enroll my children into his class!

  • What’s taught — and How?

Before you choose kindergarten for your kids, you have to decide what the criteria that you want your children to excel. For example, if you wish your kids to speaks better in English, then short list English medium kindergarten. If you want to emphasis Islamic syllabus, then look for kindergarten that offers the needs.

English Medium Kindergarten: Brainy Bunch, Q-dees, Smart Readers etc

Islamic Medium Kindergarten:  Little Caliph, CIC, Emaan Kindy

Montessori or play and learn based: Nuh’s Ark, Brainy Bunch, Tadika Tunas Bestari, Kinderkaizen

Visit all your options so you can see first hand what the school is like. “Trust your Mommy and Daddy instincts. Does the place feel right? Relax. If your child senses you’re stressed, she will be, too

  • How big, How Crowded

Think wisely. If your kindergarten of choice is best in the town, but crowded already, thinks again.

Giving children enough space to play and learn, is essential. Let them to have the fun. Don’t limit their space and opportunity.

Research supports the importance of school size: The STAR report (Student Teacher Achievement Ratio), a ten-year project following more than 10,000 students, found it to be a critical measure of success, starting at the elementary grades. Children who attended schools with smaller classes were the highest achievers and were more likely to graduate from high school and to get high scores on college entrance exams.

But, keep in your mind, crowded and having sufficient space is two different thing. Evaluate, and decide.

  • Playtime

You want your child to have the best education possible, so rigorous academics from day one are important, right? No.

Playtime is important for kindergarteners: It builds important life skills such as cooperation, sharing, turn taking and more. “Parents often think they should opt for a academically rigorous choice, but early childhood experts recommend a play-based experiential approach to learning at this age. This is supported by research, including recent neuro-science research indicating the harm caused by pushing children to read and write too early,” says Victoria Brown, PhD, director of Lucy School: An Arts-Based School and Teacher Training Center.

  • Kindergarten Surrounding

Make sure that your kindergarten of your choice surrounded by safe neighbourhood, the building in good condition and well-maintained, and emergency exit is available.

A clean and well-ventilated environment is important so that your child can learn comfortably.

  • Menu and what they will eat

Take a look at the menu served in the kindergarten and the frequency. Be detailed on how the food is cook such as freshly made or reheated, heavy or light meals, nutritious or fast food and etc. What we digest help the child’s growth and development too, physically and spritually!

  • Location

Choose kindergartens that located in the area can be accessed easily by parents or the relatives in case of emergency. Some send their children to kindergartens near their workplace, and several others send to kindergartens near to their homes. Some even send their children to kindergarten near to their parents home. Aha! Brilliant! The Grandpa and Grandma can fetch them anytime!

  • Fee

Make a calculation and plan your financial. Select kindergartens that offer best services at affordable price.

You have to consider to send them for different daycare, half day, or want to enroll them the extra curricular classes.

Choose wisely, calculate the cost of transportation, the distance and the benefits.


Whatever is your choice, PARENTS are the first teacher for your kids.

Enjoy your Kindergarten Frenzy!

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